28 de dezembro de 2012

Time is of the essence

But you must let it do it's rightful job. You will see, no matter how cliché it may look, that time is the best healer of all time. It's main weapon is relativization and the overkill comes with... that's right, good old memory loss. There is nothing as effective as forgetting the true outlines of things and just keeping fading images of what was once crudely real. That which once hit you with a rough punch to the gut, today may come as a slight breeze upon your cheek, making you remember, but not ache. All in all, time is an anesthetic. We are the unwilling patients.

4 comentários:

Lisa disse...

Aww, gostei!

Jedi Master Atomic disse...

Mas que filósofa :P

S* disse...

O tempo acaba por curar tudo, acredito que sim.

Turtle disse...

Lisa, obrigada :)

Jedi, isto são só pequenos devaneios :P

S*, pode não curar completamente, mas lá que fica bem dormente, isso fica :)